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Tree Stump Removal in CT

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After a tree falls or is cut down, the stump that’s left behind can create a variety of challenges. On both residential lawns and commercial properties, stumps can pose safety hazards, harbor pests, and stand in the way of future landscaping or building projects. They may also be unsightly, reducing your curb appeal and property value.

Elite Lawn Care provides professional tree stump removal to resolve these problems once and for all. We’ll assess the stump’s size, location, and surrounding landscape to determine the best approach, and then use specialized equipment to dig the entire stump, including its roots, out of the ground. All materials will be removed from your property.

After the tree stump has been extracted, we can provide land grading to leave the area smooth and more usable. We can also provide additional landscaping services such as topsoil installation and grass seeding, helping to keep the area stable while looking neat and uniform.

Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

Immediately after your tree stump removal service, you’ll notice a visual improvement to your property. However, the benefits go well beyond aesthetics.

  • Safety: Stump removal eliminates a potential tripping hazard, reducing the chance of someone getting injured on your property.
  • Landscape Health: Protect your other trees and plants from wood-boring insects (such as carpenter ants and termites) which are attracted to stumps, and from diseases the stump may be harboring.
  • Functionality: Tree stump removal opens up space, making mowing and landscape maintenance easier while letting you get more use out of your property.

Elite Lawn Care offers tree stump removal service throughout Connecticut. Call or text us today to get a free estimate.

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